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Static Exploration of Binary Data

Predicted Bytes
HexLasso Online
Five Random Things about Entropy
Match Analyzers
Automating Hexdump Analysis
Unexpected Results When Analyzing Files in a Windows Installation
Spotting Redundancies in High Entropy Data
HexLasso CLI
A Collection of Utilities for Static Binary Data Analysis
A Collection of Reading Materials for Static Binary Data Analysis

Reversing on Windows

Coding, Reversing, and Security Testing

Bug in Notepad Involving Asterisk in Title Bar
Working Around the Inherent Slowness of Debugger Conditional Breakpoints
Delta Encoding ASCII Decimal Strings to Achieve Better Compression Ratio
Pre-processing Printable Unicode Text to Achieve Better Compression Ratio
Recognizing CRC32 Value-block Pairs in Binary Data
Concept Note of a Static Tool for Processing Binary Data of Any Kind
78 Pages of 'Reversing on Windows' for Download
Demo Analysis for Cerber Ransomware
Integration of the ILDasm Tool with the Research Environment

Windows Mobile

Six Things I Really Miss about My Windows Phone and Six Things I Do Not
The Content Written Between 2014 and 2017 Is Available for Download
One Thing You Need to Know About Dual SIM Lumia Phones

Casual Writings

Casio G-SQUAD: The G-SHOCK Watch for Tracking Steps
Three Practical Gadgets That Will Last You Years
What to Do When a Company Ignores Your Refund Request

Seasonal News Coverage

To keep Hungarians updated on coronavirus situation in Singapore


Casual 3-ball juggling

Cascade with slam throws
Practicing triplex throw behind the back
Juggling cascade under the leg
Playing Luke's shuffle with glowing balls
Juggling in the snow
Chilling out and playing extended box
Practice: catching three balls in one hand
Juggling cascade on gymball until fail
Juggling to the song Born to Be Alive